Patients who fall into cohorts 1-9 will by now have been offered their Covid-19 vaccinations which have been carried out at our local designated site, Portway Lifestyle Centre in Oldbury.

As the site will soon be winding down its clinics, patients in cohorts 10-12, and those still awaiting their first vaccinations will need to book their appointment at a mass vaccination site, via the NHS website.

If you had your first covid vaccination on or before the 4th April 2021, you will have been contacted by us for your second.


If for any reason you have not heard from us yet and you fall into this category, please contact us as soon as possible to book your slot. 

IMPORTANT. Please make sure we have your up-to-date contact details on our records, so that we can contact you. You can submit your phone number to us using the form on the Contact Us page.


If Your First Vaccination was a Pfizer:

As the site is winding down, patients awaiting their second Pfizer vaccination will only be able to book in to Portway up until 19th May 2021.


The site will no longer have access to Pfizer jabs from this date onwards. From the 20th May, any patients awaiting their second Pfizer vaccination will need to book through the NHS site, as above.


If Your First Vaccination was an AstraZeneca

Patients awaiting their second AstraZenca vaccination can still be booked into Portway while its clinic is still running.

We are currently contacting and booking in patients who received their first AZ vaccination on or before the 4th April 2021.

If you received your first AZ vaccine before this date, and are awaiting your second, please call us on 0121 429 1572. 

Please note, this does not apply to patients whose first vaccination was a Pfizer vaccine, as the site will no longer have access to any Pfizer stock.


The designated site for second vaccinations is as before:

Portway Lifestyle Centre

Newbury Ln


B69 1HE

(click here for map)

When you attend your appointment, please ensure that you bring a face-covering (unless you cannot wear one for a health or disability reason).


If you have a carer, they can accompany you to the appointment.

When you enter the building, you will be asked for your name and appointment time at the reception desk.

You will then be directed into the main hall, to one of the nurse’s stations where you may be asked a few details and then given the vaccine.

Once you have received your vaccine, you will be asked to rest in the seated area for 15 minutes before leaving.

IMPORTANT: Please take your Covid-19 vaccination record cared with you, as it will be needed to record details for your second vaccination.  


The Coronavirus attacks the lungs, and causes disease of the body's airways and respiratory system. It can affect people in different ways, depending on factors such as age and underlying health conditions.  

Symptoms usually include a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a change or loss in your normal sense of taste or smell. 




If you have symptoms and are unsure of how serious they are, click here to answer a few online questions and find out what advice to follow.

If you think you may have Covid symptoms, you can use the online NHS symptom checker to answer a few questions which will help confirm whether they may be related to the coronavirus.

If this confirms that your symptoms may be related to the Covid-19 virus and you would like to get tested, you can either take a swab test at a local test site near you, or order a home test kit and carry out a swab test on your own.


PLEASE NOTE: You should only take a swab test if you have symptoms and you should take it within the first 5 days of your symptoms, in order for it to produce an accurate result.

If you have symptoms and have had your test, please self-isolate until you get your result


If your symptoms worsen significantly and you need an appointment, please call us on 0121 429 1572, and ask for a remote consultation. 


  • Please do not to host people at your home with whom you do not live, nor visit them in their home, unless they are in your support bubble (click here for more information on support bubble). 


  • When out, please wear a face covering and keep a 2 metre distance from others.     Breathing in somebody else’s exhalations may allow airborne droplets carrying the virus to be inhaled into your respiratory system. Even if someone standing close to you does not have symptoms, they may be carrying the virus asymptomatically


  • Keep your hands clean, and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands. If you have touched an infected surface, the virus can be transferred by your hand to your lungs and respiratory system via contact with your mouth or nose. Whilst the virus cannot penetrate your skin, touching your face allows it to be inhaled. 


  • Always use a tissue or your sleeve to cough or sneeze into, rather than your hand, and dispose of any used tissues.

NOTE: MANY PEOPLE ARE ASYMPTOMATIC CARRIERS (not suffering any apparent symptoms) AND MAY SPREAD THE VIRUS UNKNOWINGLY. While symptoms may be mild in some, it can be carried to others of a more vulnerable health group and cause more serious issues.



If you have symptoms, you are advised to isolate for 7 days and anyone who lives with you is advised to isolate for 14 days. For self-isolation guidance and advice on how to treat symptoms at home, click here.

Higher Risk Groups

Some people are at higher risk of catching the virus than others and some are also extremely vulnerable. Click here to see if you fall into either of these two categories.

NB: If you fall into the extremely vulnerable group, but have not received a letter from the government with shielding advice, please call us on 0121 429 1572 and let us know, so that we can make sure you receive your letter.  



Children can also get the virus however with generally fewer cases and much less serious symptoms. It is still important to remain vigilant. Click here to find to what to do if you think your child has the virus.

Full NHS England Coronavirus advice can be found by clicking on: