Flu Vaccinations

Following the Coronavirus epidemic, it is now more important than ever for patients at risk of contracting the Influenza virus to get vaccinated against it.


The vaccine is offered free of charge by the NHS to certain risk groups including those living with a serious long term health condition.  

If you fall into one of the risk groups, it is very important to book in for your vaccination. 

Click here for the full list of risk group categories to find out if you fall into one of the categories. 

What is the Flu?

The flu is a common and very infectious illness caused by the influenza virus.


Contracting the virus can be very serious and in some cases life-threatening. 

Similarly to the Corona-virus, the flu virus is very easily spread by coughs, sneezes or direct contact. 

It is especially common to contract the flu virus in winter. 

The flu is different to the common cold and is caused by a different group of viruses.

The symptoms tend to start more suddenly, can be more severe and last longer.

There are certain health conditions that can make people more vulnerable to catching the flu and once caught, it can cause more severe symptoms or in some cases become life-threatening. 

Risk Groups

If you are part of one of the risk groups listed below, you are either more vulnerable to infection or should take extra care to avoid catching the flu to avoid more serious symptoms. 

You will be entitled to a free NHS vaccination if you are:

  • 65 years old or over

  • pregnant

  • living in a care home

  • a carer, or a frontline health or social care worker

Or if you suffer with any of the following long-term conditions:

(Click here for NHS information on Risk groups)


Risk group patient?

Due to Covid-19, the practice will be rolling out flu clinics one at a time, by risk group.

Please submit your details below to be added to the waiting list and you will be contacted as soon as your risk group's clinic is scheduled.

IMPORTANT: This facility is for risk group patients only

Thank you. We will contact you within 2 working days to confirm your booking.

For further NHS advice on symptoms, treatment, prevention and flu in children, please visit nhs.uk/conditions/flu